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Serenity Garden 
Massage & Tans

Dani Ray is Serenity Garden Massage & Tans. Dani will tell you that massage found her and she could not be more grateful. She chose a career in Psychology and practiced for 10 years before life introduced her to massage therapy. Dani’s daughter had an issue that required surgeries, daily physical therapy, and regular massage therapy. She immediately enrolled in the Acadia School of Massage and graduated in 2010 with her massage license. Dani did not consider this to be a career change, but an opportunity to learn how to be more effective in her daughters recovery. What she witnessed compelled her to open a spa and continue to share the amazing benefits of massage. Massage has become a passion and Dani cannot imagine her life journey any other way.


Life is a journey and Dani embraces each mile. In 2000, Dani completed a thru hike of the 2,167 mile Appalachian Trail. She earned the trail name “Lethal Weapon” which speaks volumes of her nature and character. In 2014, Dani packed up her family and spent 6 weeks in Thailand studying Thai massage and reflexology. Dani loves to travel and explore other cultures. Her family is her heartbeat and you feel that in her presence. She has a very empathetic nature and understanding of people which helps her clients relax and feel at ease. Dani offers the most amazing therapeutic massage, blending her extensive training and natural intuitive style.

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